Tai Chi Classes Melbourne

Below are details of tai chi classes Melbourne and lessons taught at the Golden Lion Academy, Berwick, Rowville and Murrumbeena, in bare hands and weapons. Our classes have been specifically designed to allow you to progress from beginner to advanced level at your own pace and enjoyment.

Types of Tai Chi Classes

The aim is to offer you specialised training that is targeted to your interest and which is also commensurate with your abilities. This will help you be the best you can be in your chosen field and help you improve faster and quicker.

  1. Core Curriculum (Beginner to Advanced Level classes)
  2. Gradings Class
  3. Competition Class
  4. Train-the-Instructor Class

1.  Core Curriculum (Beginners to Advanced Level classes)

tai chi class golden lionAs explained above, our core curriculum classes are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.

If you are new to Golden Lion tai chi, you will begin your lessons in this type of class, which is designed as a gentle fitness programme that helps you to heal and prevent illness and injury, improve fitness, promote relaxation and prevent stress.

This is a complete mind and body programme that builds you from beginner to advanced level. Every student of the Academy trains in this core programme. In class, you’ll learn specific movements, breathing techniques, and meditation that will help you relax, strengthen your immune system, and heal illnesses. You will improve your balance, coordination and overall fitness. You will also become stronger and more confident, have more flexibility and better circulation.

Ideally, you are encouraged to attend classes two or more times per week and for at least 2 years as the programme has been designed to give you maximum benefits that accumulate over that period. However, you will notice immediate results from your Tai Chi classes. Early benefits that you can expect will include improvement in your balance, ability to relax under pressure and general calmness. This is reinforced further as each year goes by.

Apart from the Core Curriculum, there are also other Specialist Classes such as the Gradings class, Competitions Class and the Instructors class.

Special seminars are also offered regularly to improve or expand learning.

Tai Chi for Beginners

This is the class where you start to learn the correct foundations. It was specifically designed by Senior Master Charles Tsui-Po to unable you to learn at you own pace. Your first 6 weeks will be an introduction that will make you competent in the essential techniques such as stances, hand techniques, correct postures, co-ordination, breathing and balance. Once completed, you then proceed to the Beijing 24 Form Beginner and other classes.

There is no age limit for our tai chi class. Teenagers to Seniors can enjoy the benefits. Below are some examples:

Tai Chi 80 Year Old Student John Budd

Tai Chi for Seniors 90 years-old Jean Washfold

Intermediate and Advanced Levels: Bare Hands, Weaponry, Push Hands

As you progress from beginner to advanced level, you can continue with bare hands routines and you also learn various tai chi weapons such as the sword, fan, spear, sabre or cudgel.

The routines you’ll learn follows on from the first Beijing 24 form you did as a beginner. Then follows the a variety of routines or forms such as the International 42 form, Sword 32 form, 48 form, Sword 42 International form, Yang 40 form and Yang 88 form. Click on the next link for a brief description of the routines and forms you’ll learn.

Those who wish to learn more about this ancient form of martial art learn Dim Mak pressure points and engage in advanced exercises such as push hands; self defence applications, silk reeling, tai chi spear and tai chi straight sword, tai chi fan and tai chi Saber.

Tai Chi sword and Jedi Warriors: How to Apply Within is a good article that tells about using the sword in tai chi.

2.  Gradings Class

This master class caters for those who wish to be graded and improve their skills to advanced levels, progress to Black Belt level, or to become an instructor.

It is structured towards the Golden Lion Tai Chi ranking system. The major focus of the class is spent on learning the intricate details and perfecting the various exercises, techniques and forms that are required to grade to Black Sash and then to Master Level.

If you choose to join this class, you must also train in the Core Curriculum Classes at least one class per week to learn overall skills that you will use in this gradings class. Anyone irrespective of experience can enrol. The fee for this class is separate to all other memberships.

In our Articles section, you can read about our members’ experiences with gradings tests and the grading class itself:

3.  Competitions Class

straight sword trainingThis is a special 2-hour class to prepare you for tournaments, in local and international championships. It is suitable for intermediate or advanced level students only. Students are personally selected for this type of training as it is not suitable for everyone.

The class consists of International competition bare hands and weapon routines as well as essential techniques.

To join this team, you must train a minimum of one class per week in the Core Curriculum (see the number one option) to learn overall skills that you will use in the Competition class plus the special competition class itself. However, a minimum of two Core Curriculum classes is necessary if you are serious about competing in tournaments.

The fee for this class is separate to all other memberships. Give it a go. You won’t know unless you try. Anyone irrespective of experience can enrol in this class, even if you are a complete beginner.

Below are links to the latest tournaments and competitions:

4.  Train-the-teacher Class

This class is held weekly for those already teaching and for those training to become accredited instructors.

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