Benefits of Kung Fu Classes

Safety should be your first choice

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We realise you may be tempted to attend a martial art lesson or fitness class that is cheap or enrol in one that is located near you. While that can be acceptable for other activities, it is not recommended for martial arts. This is dangerous because unqualified instructors, lack of safety protocols, poor quality instruction and inexperienced teachers can cause you to suffer serious injuries and encourage the development of illness later in life.

Real benefits are only gained with correct guidance from experienced Masters teaching you an authentic style. Because you depend on what you learn in class to help you in your daily life, be careful in your choice of teachers and schools.

For true peace of mind, make the effort to join the Golden Lion. You will find that your kung fu classes are conducted professionally in a positive learning environment, while being safe and enjoyable.

Quality of martial arts lessons is the Key at Golden Lion

Good teaching is more than just technical skill. While the Golden Lion instructors are highly skilled Chinese martial arts practitioners, the experience of the Tsui-Po family of masters is reflected in their professionalism, their attention to detail and deep theoretical knowledge. They nurture students with patience and their classes are taught in a positive learning environment to benefit the mind and body.

Expect Safety, Professionalism and Care in our classes

Your satisfaction begins as you learn the art of Golden Lion Kung Fu – complete system of mind-body exercises, special breathing and meditation techniques with philosophies that build character, attitude, respect and discipline you’ll need to succeed in life. These exercises also promote self-esteem, better health and well being.

The inherited style of the Tsui-Po masters is Hung Kuen (Hung Fut and Hung Gar) Kung Fu, which is based on the ancient Southern Chinese Shaolin kung fu. It has been passed from Master to pupil for generations. Today, the standardised international competition forms are also taught to enable students to participate in martial arts tournaments internationally.

You’ll improve with each Kung Fu class at Golden Lion

Immediate results are noticed from the first lesson, with students later progressing to advanced techniques. This is possible because the Tsui-Po family provides you with properly structured, step by step, lesson plans based on their long experience since having taught Australians since 1971.

Our classes will benefit you by teaching your soul how to grow, your spirit to bloom, with life skills that cannot be obtained through any other activity.

Golden Lion’s special teaching method, personal attention and service to you is what gives results, safety and enjoyment. We offer various Types of Classes and Memberships for you to enjoy.

If you’d like to know about our class time table and fees, please call us on our central telephone number 9796-1066 or email us through our contact-us form.