Self Defence Classes Melbourne

kung fu self defence men and women

Why is self defence so important?

In a society that is becoming more violent, it is now more important than ever to be well-equipped to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from physical aggression.

According to Victoria Police statistics, the number of physical and sexual assaults on both men and women continue to rise. So, right now you should ask yourself if you can defend yourself adequately if there is a need for it.

We must clearly emphasize that Golden Lion Academy does not endorse violence in our streets or teach kung fu with the idea of starting a fight. Rather, it is our aim to teach self defence techniques to empower our students so that if a situation does arise, our students can handle it appropriately before having to resort to violence.

Regular kung fu self defence classes are better than short courses

There are many short 10-week self defence courses often advertised to the general public. While these courses can be attractive, they do not give the same long-term benefits as regular kung fu classes for self defence.

The techniques taught in these short courses are often inappropriate for a beginner; besides they are generally not sufficient enough to fully defend yourself against a vicious person. For example in a short self defence course you learn how do a front kick, but in regular kung fu training you learn how to do this kick properly, safely, and in a better way that will work for your skill level. This means that you will also avoid injuries that can often result from short courses.

The scenarios presented in these short courses are very limited. For example, it is not often that your attacker will always approach you directly and cleanly grab, punch or kick you. Often your assailant will throw multiple strikes. In this situation, kung fu students are more likely able to get themselves out of the situation.

Unlike short self defence courses, kung fu students are presented with various scenarios that can prepare them for many forms of attack. It is with regular kung fu lessons that students are more prepared in the real world to look after themselves and their loved ones if physical danger arises.

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