Dim Mak Pressure Points:- Martial Arts Self Defence Secrets Revealed

Learn the vital pressure points, how to use them, how they work and why.

Dim Mak pressure points teacher Dai Sifu Pier Tsui-Po

Dim Mak pressure points teacher Dai Sifu Pier Tsui-Po

Did you know that in ancient times dim mak martial arts pressure points were used by martial arts practitioners for self defence against larger or stronger opponents? That way they only needed to use minimum force to get maximum impact in self defence. You too can have this power in your martial arts or during self defence. This means you’ll be able to defend against a larger opponent, even counter a pressure point attack against you. What’s more, you’ll advance your personal skills and stimulate yourself to reach a higher level in your martial arts.

First… an important reminder

This art, like any other traditional martial arts, is not about violence or aggression; it is about self-development of the mind, body and spirit, and maintaining peak physical and mental health. It is about advancing our skills and reaching a higher level in the martial arts. The art of dim mak pressure points is about using minimum force to get maximum impact. You too can have this power.

The all time secret of the martial arts… How dim mak pressure points can save your life one day

Dim Mak can increase your power by at least 10 times. In ancient times, dim mak pressure points was taught to martial arts students to increase their effectiveness during self-defence so that they do not have to use excessive force when protecting themselves. Many of them were physically small people and older in age. When they had to defend against much larger and stronger assailants, Dim Mak increased their power by at least ten times or more.

This added power helped to keep them safe, and alive. You too could need more help when you have to defend yourself one day. So it is important for you to know pressure points. With this knowledge, you’ll no longer kick or punch aimlessly but you’ll move and strike or seize key pressure points with precision.

You’ll quickly stop vicious attacks making you much safer in the street. All your techniques will become stronger, sharper and more powerful and because you no longer depend on brute force, your martial arts will become more graceful and truly enjoyable.

Be aware of errors taught by other teachers

Our research has shown that more than 90% of martial arts instructors do NOT really know much about authentic dim mak pressure points. What’s worse, we have found that a large number of martial arts experts who profess to know and who are teaching pressure points are applying the points incorrectly. Now that places you in danger. Here are just some of the errors we continue to find in magazine articles, books, videos, DVDs and at pressure points seminars.

  • Incorrect location of a large number of pressure points. Your teacher must be 100% accurate if you are going to learn Dim Mak properly. A variance in the exact location is unequivocally unacceptable and indicates that the author (or teacher) is not familiar with the exact location of the point concerned. In many instances, if a point is struck at half or one centimetre from its true location, it means that you are not hitting that point at all. It also means that you are hitting another point, which may not have any effect on your attacker if you have to save your life.
  • Theoretical foundations given are seriously inadequate.There are many mistakes in a number of important areas, such as flow of Chi energy (Ki), effects of meridians and points on the body, and also point dynamics. This will easily misinform you. Teaching you to strike a point without fully explaining what actually happens or what the likely consequences are, is a superficial, incomplete and dangerous approach. It is important to know what outcome to expect from striking a pressure point on an opponent as well as being able to recognise the symptoms when you or a friend has been struck, whether accidentally or intentionally. Detailed accurate knowledge increases awareness hence preventing injury, whereas incomplete or limited knowledge creates danger.
  • Incorrect explanations are given and foolish comments are made. I presume these are based on inexperience, wrong assumptions and braggadocio. Nevertheless, it is understandable that such comments are the voice of personal confidence, gained as a direct benefit of martial arts training. Boisterous talk by people is sometimes a by-product of the fighting arts. Luckily, my training in traditional Chinese martial and healing arts has taught me to be humble and respectful. Above all, it has taught me to be truthful to myself, to others, and to the art I practice.
  • Names of dim mak pressure points appear in different Chinese dialects, which, for you, is totally confusing and misleading. I use the internationally accepted and widely used system for point names.

It is important to point out to you that those who have chosen to learn from me do not make these errors. In pointing out some of these discrepancies, I gladly build on the contributions made by other teachers. I do not quarrel with them but welcome kinship with them. I offer my work to you so that you can be further nourished with high quality, accurate information. Hopefully, this will transcend us to a higher level of maturity and proficiency in the style of martial arts we practise.

These errors are very damaging because you may be at a level of development where you are unable to tell good information from the bad. So you need to be pointed in the right direction. Hence my reasons for revealing authentic dim mak to you – accurately.

Authentic dim mak martial arts pressure points secrets now revealed in full

For the fist time ever, I have agreed to make all my knowledge available to you in various pressure points books, manuals, DVDs, courses and seminars. As one student from the USA who attended my course commented: “Dr Tsui-Po has the rare ability to convey very complex information in a very clear and illuminating manner” You too will find this to be true.

In helping you start your study of dim mak pressure points, I offer you accurate, reliable, trustworthy, authentic information on the ancient art and science of pressure points that has been passed down to me from a long line of distinguished family of martial arts practitioners in China. I myself have been teaching and practising martial arts for over 52 years and have been a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for over 26 years.

Although the application of pressure points can cause injury to a person who attacks you, I always impart my personal philosophy when teaching pressure points, and this philosophy is: First do no harm. Then do some good.

Learn the amazing dim mak pressure points secrets that have been kept hidden for centuries

Dim Mak is what pressure points are really about in the world of martial arts and self defence. Martial arts pressure points are used in two ways — to incapacitate an aggressor in self defence or to heal illness and injury. Some pressure points are used for both purposes, but not every pressure point has a dual effect. A fully trained qualified expert must be able to use and teach both disciplines.

The self defence component of pressure points, which has its origins in the Chinese Martial Arts of the Shaolin Temple dating back to 495AD, is called Dim Mak (in cantonese) or Dian Xue (in mandarin).

The healing component originated from Chinese martial arts masters who were also the local doctors in the community. Over the years, a small component of that knowledge leaked out and found its way into other styles of martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and other Asian martial arts.

But the core knowledge of martial arts pressure points application remains with Chinese dim mak. Fortunately, pressure points can be used by anyone or any style of martial arts. Here, I offer you my collective experiences in dim mak pressure points, martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help you learn:

  • What exactly is dim mak? Is it the Death Touch? How does it work and why? Who should be your teacher? Can you still benefit if you are trained in another art?…plus many more of your questions answered
  • The best pressure points to use today in our modern society(many ancient points are no longer accessible) and how to find pressure points quickly and accurately (I’ll reveal to you the special method I’ve formulated after 50 years of martial arts training and 23 years as a clinical acupuncturist)
  • Meridians, charts and chi energy cycle that will show how the body, mind, internal organs and the meridian system are affected by a strike to pressure points in the martial arts
  • Techniques and how to use pressure points for maximum effectiveness (all points are not used the same way, so unless you use the points correctly, it will not work)
  • Learning and training in dim mak pressure points, how to learn the points and train safely — there are more than 108 dim mak points, some well known, others have been kept secret (but acupuncture points totals over 1,000 points). Dim mak is classified into special groups to make it easy for you to learn and remember pressure points
  • Types of pressure points and what they are, how and why pressure points work so well on the human mind and body
  • Self-healing techniques are an important component of this art. Techniques include acupressure, self-massage, deep breathing techniques and specific pressure point exercises to help prevent illness, build your internal power, promote better health, build your immune system and promote an active healthy life
  • Teacher of martial arts: Would you like to include pressure points as a teacher? If you are already an instructor, you can learn through our books and DVDs how to safely and effectively incorporate pressure points in your school.

Start learning today

Please order any dim mak pressure points book, manual, DVD, course or seminar that is most suited to your needs right now and start your study today. Please keep in mind that these resources are only available through us here at our Golden Lion Academy’s secured Store. Good luck in your study.

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