Dim Mak Masters and Instructors

Below is a list of all dim mak pressure points masters and instructors. There are two sections:

  1. dim mak self defence pressure points instructors
  2. tai chi healing pressure points instructors

All instructors listed below have been fully and extensively trained in their field by Dim Mak’s Grandmaster Dr Pier Tsui-Po. They are also accredited and recognised coaches of the Australian Government’s National coaching accreditation scheme (NCAS), a programme overseen by the Australian Sports Commission. They have Child protection working-with-children endorsement.

In addition, our instructors are also required to regularly update their coaching training, which includes specific in-house training programmes to ensure that they develop and maintain the key competencies of sport coaches and officials, and are able to provide instruction in a manner that is safe, responsible and accountable.

The Golden Lion Academy is a long standing member of the Martial Arts Industry Association Limited, Kung Fu Wu Shu Australia (formerly named the Australian Kung-Fu Wu-Shu Federation) and the Tai Chi Association of Australia. The academy’s instructors, employees, affiliates and members are bound by the ruling code of ethics for these organisations, including the National Code of Practice for martial arts centres and instructors of the Martial Arts Industry Association Limited.

Dim Mak Pressure Points Self Defence Instructors

The following are experienced instructors of our Dim Mak Pressure Points Self Defence Curriculum. They are authorised to teach dim mak at Golden Lion:

  • Si Gung Richard Tsui-Po
  • Sifu Steeve Kiat
  • Sifu Craig Rayner
  • Sifu Steven Orloff
  • Sijie Joey Baful

Tai Chi Healing Pressure Points Instructors

The following are experienced instructors of Pressure Points in tai chi for healing and defence at Golden Lion. They are authorised to teach tai chi pressure points:

  • Si Gung Charles Tsui-Po
  • Sifu Di Logan
  • Sifu Chris Everett
  • Sifu Darlene Beauchamp