Below are the recent results of various local and international kung fu tournaments or competitions where Golden Lion students have successfully won medals and trophies. By way of introduction, here’s a brief account.

Kung Fu Tournaments Martial Arts Competitions

In the western world, contemporary Nan Quan forms are the forms of choice at kung fu tournaments and Chinese martial arts competitions. In Australia and throughout the world, there are now National Wushu Championships that offer modern and traditional forms, divided into male, female, adult and junior divisions.

Kung Fu is a Nan Quan Wu Shu Competition Sport

kung fu tournaments -kung fu international barehands formThese martial arts competitions are now standardised so that any person from any country can be judged according to the same criteria. This means that a person participating in any one division will be judged on the same series of movements, referred to as ‘forms’ or ‘routines’. In Chinese they are called ‘kuen’ or ‘kata’ in Japanese.

These routines are also called ‘International’ forms.

 International competitions include the bi-annual World Wushu Championships, which includes not only the modern bare hands and weapons forms, but also Sanshou, which is full contact sparring.

And of course, there are special instructions on how to train for these tournaments.

See below for the achievements of our students at some of these tournaments.

More articles about these tournaments can be found on our Blog.

2004 World Tournament Zhengzhou China

Golden Lion wins 9 Gold, 16 Silver, 4 Bronze medals plus the Gold Cup for Best Team Event.

A new addition to the World Wushu Championships scene is the World Traditional Wushu Festival; the first was held in Zhengzhou, China, October 2004. The festival attracted over 2,000 competitors from 60 countries and was held in two stadiums built specially for the event.

The students of Golden Lion Academy won a total number of 9 Gold, 16 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. In addition, the Gold Cup for the Tai Chi Team Event was also won by Golden Lion students.

Since 1988, Golden Lion Academy has had its students selected in every Australian Team. It is anticipated that the evolving and popular Nan Quan forms will attract many more participants.

2008 Australian National Championships:

Golden Lion students won the following:
– National KF Grand Champion
– National Champion Nan Quan Bare hands
– 1st Wu Shu Nan Gun, Cudgel
– 2nd Wu Shu Nan Dao, Sword
– 1st Nan Dao Sword (women)
– 1st Traditional Bare Hands (women).

The tournament was held in Canberra, Australia, and run by the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation.

2009 Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

  • Golden Lion students won Five 1st Place and two  2nd Place.

2010:  4th World Martial Arts Tournament Competition China

  • Martial Arts Competition Shi Yan China October 2010: Three Golden lion martial arts students were selected for China 2010 competition, here’s a narrative of their stories and impending tournament and a chance to reflect on our own inspirations for kung fu training.
  • Details and results of the 4th World Traditional Wushu Championships, a Chinese Martial Arts Tournament held in Shi Yan China October 2010.

Golden Lion’s Sifu Steeve Kiat as the Assistant National Coach for the tournament. Golden Lion won 3 medals: two bronze and one silver.

2011 Australasian Kung Fu Tai Chi and Wu Shu Championships

  • Golden Lion Kung Fu students win 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze medals 

2012 Australasian Wushu KF Championships AKWF

  • Golden Lion students win 12 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze medals.

2012 Fifth World Traditional Championships China

  • Golden Lion students win 6 medals at the World Championships

2013 Australian Kung Fu Wu Shu Tai Chi Championships

  • Golden Lion kung fu and tai chi students win 9 Gold and 4 Silver medals

2014 Australian National Championships

  • Golden Lion Academy Team wins 24 gold medals, 9 silver and one bronze medal.

2014 Traditional Kung Fu World Championships and the 1st World Tai Chi Championships China

  • 6 student from the Golden Lion Academy were selected to represent Australia. In addition,  one of our  Masters was selected as the  Team Coach. Golden Lion kung fu students won two Bronze and one Silver medals and our tai chi students won two 3rd place.

2016 Australian Kung Fu Wushu  Championships

Golden Lion Kung Fu student wins 2 Gold Medals

Congratulations to Rosemary Hermans who won two gold medals at the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championship held in Perth on 29 May 2016. Rosemary competed in the Southern Bare hands and Southern Broadsword divisions. She is a member at our Rowville Centre, trains regularly three times per week including the specialised bare hands and weapon class under the guidance of Sifu Steeve Kiat.

The 2016 Victorian State Championships was also held on Sunday the 31st of July.  Golden Lion Academy won 13 first places, 4 second places and 1 third place. Click here for photos and more on that tournament.

 2017 National Kung Fu Tai Chi and Wu Shu Championships

  • Golden Lion students win 14 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze medals
Held on May 28th 2017 in Keysborough, Victoria (it is rotated across states), 15 students represented the Golden Lion this year. In total, 14 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze medals were won by our students. Congratulation to all.

If you would like to attend regular classes and perhaps compete in tournaments one day, please call us on our central telephone number 9796-1066 for class times and fees or email us through our contact-us form.