Dim Mak Video plus Books, DVDs You Can Buy

These are the best dim mak pressure points DVDs and Books for self-defence in the martial arts. They are here for you to have for self study at home or integrate into your training regime.

Dim Mak Manual – Art & Science: Home Study Course

Dim Mak Manual Art and Science Pressure PointsCrammed full of the most powerful pressure points known to man, this manual is the major reference work on Dim Mak consisting of 546 pages (21 x 29 cm) of clear, precise, high quality information and diagrams with locations of points. It includes real life cases of fighters struck on dim mak points plus a tutorial to assist in your learning process. A ‘must have’ for all martial arts practitioners. It is a manual you will refer to during your Entire Lifetime, it is a home study course in 9 Lessons. Click here for more information.


Ghost Hands of Dim Mak Home Study Course (by DVD and Workbook)

pressure point defence in martial artsThis Ghost Hands DVD and workbook is a practical home-study course that teaches you how to use certain dim mak pressure points based on the valued martial arts philosophy of ‘One Encounter One Chance’. In ancient times, Ghost Hands personified the ancient art of the Death Touch, when warriors used one blow to stop (or kill) an enemy in battle. This is Dim Mak’s ruthless and direct defence strategy that teaches you to defeat an attacker with one single technique, with devastating effectiveness. Includes Workbook and DVD. Click here for more information.


The Centreline Theory of Dim Mak – Practical Fighting Strategies for Self Defence – on DVD

Centreline theory of Dim Mak DVDLearn the most powerful pressure points of the Centreline, how to protect your Centreline from permanent injury, serious illness or death. Learn how to use the Counterflow technique, how to protect your Conception Vessel meridian, the special techniques and strategies used in the Centreline of dim mak. Contains clear explanations and demonstrations of techniques, location of the pressure points, how to find them quickly and easily, and how to strike them in self defence. Click here for more information.


Two Dragons Of Dim Mak: pressure point techniques for healing and martial arts (book)

two dragons of dim mak pressure points bookDetails for the first time how some Dim Mak pressure points have two aspects – one for healing, one for attack. It reveals how dim mak pressure points used in the martial arts can also heal illness and save lives, including a whole section on healing plus remedies that can relieve a number of ailments. It contains a valuable healing index for easy reference. A book you will use for the next 20 years …or more! Click here for more information.



Top 36 Secret Shaolin Pressure Points (double-sided reference cards)

Top 36 Secret Shaolin Pressure PointsThese are the 36 Deadliest Pressure Points, revealed in a unique and concise way to help you learn and remember important information quickly. This is a set of 40 double-sided reference cards by Dr Tsui-Po; it is an excellent quick reference guide that can be carried and used anywhere. An invaluable tool that will make your self defence and martial arts become stronger, more focussed and deadlier. Click here for more information.


Dim Mak Knife Defence – Home Study Course (by DVD and workbook)

Ultimate Dim Mak Knife Defence DVDCenturies-old secret dim mak pressure points and techniques used exclusively in knife self defence are revealed in this home study course. Learn the safest, most devastating dim mak techniques that easily and safely disarm your attacker during a real life knife attack in the street or at home. Learn the best pressure point techniques to use and why you should use them. Discover the special dim mak points used in knife self defence, their exact location, and their overwhelming effects on the mind and body. These special techniques are suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Click here for more information.