Classes and Seminars

Regular pressure points classes, periodical seminars and intensive courses in authentic dim mak are offered by Grandmaster Tsui-Po or by the Golden Lion Academy instructors he has personally trained.

pressure points classes seminars dr pier tsui-po

Regular Classes for Local Students

If you live in Melbourne Australia, classes are taught at our Golden Lion Academy’s three full time training centres located in Berwick, Rowville, Murrumbeena, Melbourne, Australia. For more details on how to enrol, please call us on 9796-1066.

Overseas and Intestate Students

Periodical seminars and short intensive courses are offered from time to time for those who are not able to attend regular classes at the Golden Lion Academy. Please keep in mind that we are not able to offer live-in accomodation nor are we able to offer other types of accomodation, visa or travel arrangements.

The following areas of study are taught in seminars and short intensive courses. They are specially designed to suit students from other countries and for those who live in other states of Australia.

  • Ghost Hands of Dim Mak
  • Devil Hands of Dim Mak
  • Centreline Penetration: Chi Reversal, the Art of Counterflow
  • Dim Mak Knife Defence
  • The Iron Horse
  • and more!

When they are available, the dates, times and costs are sent automatically by email. If you’d like to be kept informed, please subscribe.

Self Study at Home

Alternatively, you can buy copies of our dim mak pressure points books and DVDs here. They are not available in bookshops, they are only available here on our website or with our instructors at the Golden Lion Academy.