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Special Children Classes

Kung fu martial arts for kids and teenagers Melbourne programme allow children to enjoy a unique programme at the Golden Lion Academy. Suitable for both boys and girls, children also learn about honesty, patience, tolerance and respect to help them grow strong. They improve their self esteem, confidence, coordination while enjoying the benefits of better health and fitness.

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Below are the important issues we keep in mind when we plan our kung fu martial arts self defence for kids programme:

  1. Worried about the increased risk of mental and physical violence to your child…for example bullying at school? What about children and adults facing the rising risks of knife attacks, robberies, and assaults?
  2. Worried about your child becoming overweight? We know that regularly exercising your children is very important for their development and growth.
  3. What about the life-threatening diseases that children and parents can suffer because of excessive body weight?

Would you like your children to prevent serious illnesses that will affect their life if they are overweight…diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and even poor mental, emotional and physical health?

It is important for you to know that at Golden Lion we do not “play silly games” with children, nor are we babysitters. Your child has come to us to learn the valued traditional martial art of kung fu, and not to play games or be entertained. We are professional teachers, we take our classes seriously and we fully understand that your child must gain the health and fitness benefits of kung fu.

At Golden Lion, we offer separate Children and Adults classes. It is best for parents to do adults classes and children are best placed with other children in our Children’s classes. Both these age groups and types of classes do not mix well.

Martial arts for kids and teenagers: why learn kung fu  self defence at Golden Lion Melbourne

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Kung fu martial arts for kids and teenagers, which includes self defence for children classes at the Golden Lion, include a well-rounded and balanced mind and body fitness programme that includes self defence techniques, special breathing and meditation techniques to build inner strength and relaxation, bare hands forms, the Shaolin cudgel (staff or long pole), plus various strength and flexibility exercises.

Kung fu philosophy and life skills are discussed and reinforced throughout the year. Our aim in this is to develop self-discipline, courage, tolerance and respect for themselves and for others.

In particular, our kung fu curriculum will develop your child’s mental focusing ability, helping them to learn and concentrate better at school.

All classes consist of warm up and cool down exercises plus various items that are rotated from class to class to achieve results and to maintain interest and motivation.

The syllabus and teaching methods are prepared yearly in advance; it is reviewed each year after assessment by all the Masters and instructors of the Academy.

Kung Fu for Kids: What Boys and Girls Will Learn

The curriculum and syllabus, designed specifically for children, boys and girls, allows them to graduate from beginner to advanced levels in a supportive environment.

Children are given their own Personal Training Book to record the progress of their learning.

At the Golden Lion Academy, children learn a well-rounded, balanced, mind-body fitness programme consisting of three elements, which are taught in rotation each day of the week. They are:

  • Essential Drills and Bare Hands Routines or Forms
  • Shaolin Cudgel or pole and technique
  • Self-defence techniques and applications

Essential Kung Fu Drills

These consist of circular and straight line methods, including short range and long range applications. The exercises aim at building endurance, cardiovascular fitness, coordination and strength while developing the proper style and flow of kung fu movements.

Children learn the following:

  • The 5 Stances – including Horse, Dragon, Cat and Tiger stepping methods
  • The 8 Blocks – including the Circular, Lower, Upper, Snake and Crane blocking techniques
  • The 8 Punches – including the Tiger Claw, Leopard punch, Dragon fist and Five Fists Pattern
  • The 7 Kicks – including Front kick, Roundhouse kick, foot sweeps and tiger tail kicking techniques

Bare Hands Kung Fu Routines or Forms

Routines or forms are a series of techniques that are linked together as a way to help children remember the skills while helping them to develop the authentic style and flow of Shaolin kung fu.

This class aims to improve children’s concentration and memory. It also enhances their posture, helps them to use the correct martial arts breathing method and develop mental focus. They learn routines or forms such as:

  • Leopard striking pattern – introductory pattern
  • Combined five animals routine: tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon patterns
  • Tiger style routine
  • Crane style routine

Shaolin Cudgel or Pole

At the Golden Lion Academy, children learn the Shaolin Cudgel (also known as the staff or long pole). The length of the pole varies with the age and height of the child. Our instructor will “fit” each child with his or her own individual cudgel.

The cudgel is taught strictly for the development of children and for the improvement of their self-esteem, confidence, health, fitness and wellbeing.

Training with the Shaolin cudgel is important to their advancement because it further improves whole body coordination, overall strengthen, mental focus, mind and body control. Below are the series of the Shaolin cudgel children learn:

  • Shaolin Cudgel Essential Drills
  • Shaolin Cudgel 32 steps Section 1
  • Shaolin Cudgel 32 steps Section 2
  • Shaolin Cudgel 32 steps Section 3
  • Shaolin Cudgel 32 steps Section 4

Self Defence for Kids and Bullying

This is the class where specific self defence techniques are put into application, but in a safe and respectful manner. It is also the class where children learn how to use the kung fu techniques and skills to defend themselves at home or in the street. They learn the following:

  • Develop appropriate responses when in danger, being assaulted or bullied
  • How to move swiftly to avoid an attack
  • How to defend correctly against a grab, push or punch
  • How to defend correctly against various kicks
  • Where to strike at a stranger for maximum effectiveness

The philosophy of traditional kung fu such as honesty, integrity, patience, tolerance and respect for themselves and others are reinforced throughout each class.

The highly qualified Masters and instructors, at Golden Lion Academy, are dedicated to encouraging and helping your child to achieve their best in a supportive, friendly environment.

Kung Fu Kids – Watch them Grow!

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A Note to Parents: You can have confidence in us to do our job

We understand that you care for your child.

As a result of teaching children and adults since 1971, we understand parents want to make sure that their children are safe and receive the best possible care and attention in their classes. We are happy to listen to your concerns. Your feedback is always noted and it is passed on to be discussed at our next Masters meeting.

However, while we do invite and accept constructive feedback, please be aware that we have a number of children and parents to attend to, and may not always be able to be available to you immediately. Because of this, excessive and repetitive feedback is best avoided. You can have confidence that we are skilled in providing the most appropriate learning experience for your child.

Please understand that we have a very well-defined job to do for your child, with clear objectives and goals to achieve by the end of each class. Time is important and every child deserves our attention, so we do not have any time to waste.

It is important to keep in mind that Golden Lion has very specific curriculums and teaching techniques developed since 1971 and our instructors are highly trained, Australian Sports Commission accredited, professionals. Although some parents or children may have past experiences in other styles of martial arts, those experiences do not necessarily relate to current Golden Lion Children’s Kung Fu Classes.

So, parents….we politely ask this of you…

While our classes are in progress, do NOT interfere with our classes, do NOT interfere with the way we teach or conduct our classes and do NOT interfere with our instructors. Resist the temptation to interfere with what your child is doing in class.

In addition, if you want your child to fully benefit from our programme, you need to let us do our job. You have invested good money in your child’s Kung Fu classes, and, of course, want the very best for your child. You are entitled to assess the benefits of your child’s Kung Fu experience. It is important, however, to realise that these benefits occur over time. The best measure of our programme is to look at your child over a period of time and compare progress made since starting our classes.

Be patient. Give us time and above all, give your child time.

Our tried and tested kung fu programme and teaching techniques are the reasons why we have been able to…

  • turn naughty kids into respectful children with a happier and more relaxed disposition
  • turn unfit overweight kids into lean, fit and fully functional children
  • turn sick kids into healthy kids who are less prone to illness
  • turn hesitant, anxious kids into more confident, stronger and more focused kids who thrive at school

Parents: You too can gain the benefits of our kung fu programme

Both parent and child can get the health benefits of kung fu. Here’ what The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick 2006 has to say:

“Active parents mean active kids … Doing things together starts healthy habits … You’ll enjoy spending time together, you’ll feel healthier and your mood will improve!”

As parents we are well aware of our responsibility to our children, but we are just as prone to being unaware of our responsibility to ourselves.

We place our children’s needs first, making sure that even if we can’t fit in time for ourselves, we make time to ensure that they get what they need.

What we often forget is that if it’s good for the kids – it’s good for us too! And being good to ourselves, in turn, ends up being good for our kids.

But where do we fit it in? Can kung fu help?

In making sure our children have the best opportunities that we can possibly provide, there is very little (if any) time left for ourselves. In fact, time can be so short that we have difficulty finding time to be with our children and participate in things with them.

Golden Lion Academy believes that what benefits the kung fu kids, benefits the parents and suggests a family-orientated solution:

Kung Fu Kids and their Parents: Let’s do it together

Below are suggestions regarding the best time to do kung fu together:

  1. Special Seminars: from time to time, we offer various seminars on various topics that are normally not covered in class. Parents are welcome to attend these seminars together with their children.
  2. School Holiday Programme – the Golden Lion has developed special programmes to maximise children’s time during school holidays. It is another great opportunity for parents to join their children in these programmes.
  3. Join in our Adults programme so you can train at home together

If you have some space at home, training kung fu together at home has many advantages.

  • everyone practices together at home, helping each other out, spending time on a common interest
  • parents get their workout and the kids are getting theirs
  • the benefits to the kids are now your benefits too
  • and it’s a lot of fun!

Practise together and strengthen the bond found in sharing this unique mind and body exercise programme. Take the opportunity to include yourself in some of the fun and activity you know is great for your kids.

Contact Us Now or call 9796 1066 to arrange a Free trial class in our Kids Kung Fu programme.