Dao Yin Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Dao Yin Chi Kung or Qi Gong, tai chi’s ancestor, is a gentle physical healing exercise of Traditional Chinese Medicine that protects and improves your health and wellbeing.

Ancient drawing of Dao Yin posutre

Let’s look back to the earliest days of China … when the main centre of civilisation was in the deltas of the big rivers … where low-lying land was fertile and damp.

Each day, the peasants walked out to their fields through the rising mists of morning. And after long tiring days working in the swamps and mists, they suffered from aches and pains, and coughs and colds as a result of the dampness in the environment where they live and work.

So in order to ease the ache and get some relief and mobility back into their bodies, they stretched … and turned … in a very special way.

But how did they know that?

Well, gradually and with much patience, they took notice of the ways certain animals move and the natural ways that other people were stretching, turning and “rubbing” specific spots on their bodies in order to heal themselves.

Centuries later these peasants and their doctors arrived at a coordinated series of techniques that consisted mainly of a special breathing technique, meditation and precise body movements — a type of dance — a healing dance — that they had developed to ease people’s suffering.

Ancient drawing dao yin formThey called it Dao Yin.

So does Dao Yin still exist today?

Yes, it does. Through the teachings of Master Charles Tsui-Po who has studied Dao Yin directly under Professor Zhang at the Beijing University of Physical Education.

Today, Dao Yin is a world-acclaimed ancient Chinese art. Having originated in China over 3,000 years ago, it is regarded as the foundation of many martial arts such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

In summary, Dao Yin was originally used to ward off illness caused by a cold damp environment. Its main purpose was not only to prevent illness, but also to restore health and strength after serious illness or injury.

Since creating Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong, Professor Zhang has continued his studies as well as sharing his knowledge through regular teaching visits to many countries throughout the world, including Australia. Grandmaster Pier Tsui-Po together with Master Charles Tsui-Po and their instructors continue this work today.

Available for you to do at home


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