Types of Martial Arts Pressure Points

There are various types of martial arts pressure points in dim mak, each type of point is accorded to a certain group that have specific functions and actions in martial arts self defence.

types of pressure points dim mak arm lock

Sifu Craig Rayner in Devils Hands application, an example of the types of martial arts pressure points

In martial arts self defence and in the art and science of dim mak , it is very important to learn that the Chinese pressure points tradition classifies points according to the repercussions or effects that are caused when one of these pressure points is used in the martial arts.

Regarding the types of pressure points used for self defence, there are:

  • points that cause intense pain
  • points that can temporarily cause paralysis (numbness or neuralgia)
  • points that can knock-out people, and there are also
  • points that are lethal. These lethal points are commonly referred to as Death Points and should not be used because the effect is fatal. On the other hand, there are also
  • points that can heal the body.

A frequent mistake that is commonly made by many untrained pressure point teachers is to include points that are tender or sore to the touch. Basically these points are useless and should not be used in self defence.

While most pressure points used are situated on meridians, or channels through which Chi and blood circulate, they do not all have the same effect, or same intensity of effect.

Those points that are selected for use in self-defence applications are chosen because they have specific energetic functions. In remembering the point used for pressure point fighting, it’s important to know the specific functions of each point, and to help you with this, pressure points are grouped together into categories based on what they do.

When we speak of energetic functions, it is important for you to remember this:

… while there are more than a thousand acupuncture points that exist on the body, not all these points are used in pressure point fighting.

You must remember this fact:

Dim mak is NOT acupuncture.
Acupuncture is not dim mak.

We cannot just pick an acupuncture point — or copy a part of, or copy an entire acupuncture manual and call it a list of pressure points for the martial arts. That would be a blatant lie.

The fact is this:

The principles of traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine are used to EXPLAIN everything about this art.

Now let’s continue.

old pressure points chart types of points

Some of the pressure points that are used fall into more than one group, that is, these points have more than one function. The more groups that a point belongs to, the worse the effect will be on your assailant if this point is struck.

There are, however, a group of points that only belong to one group; but because of the functions they perform, they are death points. This is because of their unique internal connections to other meridians, or in some cases, because they are very close to internal organs or major arteries.

As you progress through your study, you’ll learn more and more about the pressure points so it is a good idea to know about the connections between points and meridians, a point’s specific function and the effects of a strike to this point.

Understanding these connections and functions are important; the more you know about a point’s function and its grouping, the more effective your self defence will become because you’ll be able to choose points appropriately for the results you want to achieve.

 To gain an understanding of the art and science of pressure points, please see my Pressure Points Manual.

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