Kung Fu Adults Programme

Adults Kung Fu Classes for Men and Women

Kung fu adults programme at the Golden Lion Academy is designed specifically for teenagers and adults, male and female. Our classes build in you a variety of mental and physical skills to help you develop physical fitness, mental focus and inner strength while you learn to defend yourself and improve courage, confidence and discipline.

You’ll learn a well-rounded, balanced mind-body fitness programme consisting a combination of the following main elements, which are taught in rotation each class. They are:

  1. Essential techniques and Bare Hands Forms or Routines
  2. Weaponry Forms and techniques
  3. Self-defence techniques and applications

In addition, two specialised intensive classes are also offered:

A.  Specialised Forms / Bare Hands and Weapons Intensive
B.  Specialised Applications / Self Defence / Dim Mak Pressure Points Intensive

kung fu self defence

1.  Essential techniques and Bare Hands Kung Fu Forms

Essential techniques

Essential techniques consist of circular and straight line methods, including short range and long range applications. You’ll learn the following:

  • The 6 types of stances
  • The 10 types of blocks and blocking techniques
  • The 12 types of punches and punching techniques
  • The 9 types of kicks and kicking techniques
  • Stretching and Flexibility exercises
  • Special breathing and focusing techniques
  • Bag work, focus mitts and conditioning training

Kung Fu Bare Hands Forms

Kung fu routines or forms are a series of techniques that are linked together as a way to help you remember the skills while helping you to develop the authentic style and flow of Shaolin kung fu.

This class helps you to build endurance and cardio-vascular fitness while developing power, mental focus, agility, balance and coordination.

In this class you’ll learn a series of routines based on the five animals styles: tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon. Some of the routines you can expect to learn are:

  • Elementary five animals
  • 16 forms Shaolin hung kuen
  • 24 forms Shaolin hung kuen
  • 32 forms Shaolin hung kuen
  • Tiger and crane
  • Southern fist
  • Three ancestors
  • Praying buddha
  • Black tiger
  • 5 Elements
  • Iron Wire breathing and meditation
  • and various Nan Quan Wu Shu international competition forms

2.  Kung Fu Weaponry Forms and techniques

Traditional kung fu and modern Wu shu weapons are taught, and used in class, strictly for the development of the athlete and for the improvement of health and fitness.

Weapons taught have a significant history in ancient Chinese history and culture. Training in weaponry is important to your advancement because it further improves whole body coordination, overall strengthen, mental focus, mind and body control. Students are reminded to respect and honour the culture and history and not to misuse the weapon skills in society today.

At the Golden Lion Academy, beginner level students start with the Shaolin staff, or cudgel. Here are the series of Shaolin weapons you’ll learn:

  • Long pole (Cudgel)
  • Southern broadsword
  • Northern Broadsword
  • Spear
  • Twin weapons
  • Straight sword
  • Red face general sword
  • Kwando
  • Buddha’s Staff
  • And more

3. Kung Fu self-defence techniques and applications

This is the class where specific techniques are put into actual combat practice, but in a safe and respectful manner. It is also the class where you learn how to use the kung fu techniques and skills to defend yourself at home or in the street. You also learn how to:

  • Move swiftly to avoid an attack
  • Defend correctly against a punch, kick or grab
  • Defend against a knife or stick
  • Defend against one or several opponents
  • Strike at pressure points for maximum effectiveness
  • Develop appropriate responses when in danger of being assaulted

A.  Specialised Forms / Bare Hands / Weapons Intensive

This class is held at our Rowville centre every Tuesday night at 8.00 pm. It is a specialised class that focuses on traditional and contemporary kung fu Bare hands and Weaponry forms.

The main objective of this class is to enhance the skills of any students who want to advance and excel in their forms, either for gradings or for competitions.

The class structure provides a challenging but yet a satisfying environment for students to become physically stronger as well as mentally confident with their forms. The motto “Smooth as Silk”, “Fast as Lightning” and Hard as Iron” is applied in this class – The Golden Lion Way!

This class also provides a gateway for those who intend to participate in National and International competitions. Many students who have attended and who continue to attend this specialised class have been successful in winning many medals at all level of competitions.

Interested? Don’t wait. Come along to watch or talk to your Sifu to arrange participation in this exciting class. Read More about this class here.

B.  Specialised Applications / Self Defence / Dim Mak Pressure Points Intensive

This is a class is focussed towards Applications and Self Defence. Taught on Thursday nights 7.00pm at our Murrumbeena centre, it is open to all current kung fu students and experience levels. The main focus of this class is to enhance the practical skills and combat aspects of your training. The class is centred around unique Golden Lion combat philosophies and strategies, these also include pressure point applications, devils hands chin na, centreline, ghost hands and more. If you are interested in this class talk to your Sifu for more information or come along on Thursday night and observe a class.

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With an emphasis based on a non-violent approach, students are taught the values of respect, tolerance, humility, patience and control. Golden Lion’s classes provide a warm yet challenging atmosphere for adults and teenagers.

In a supportive, friendly environment, the highly qualified Masters and instructors at the Golden Lion Academy will encourage and help you to achieve your personal best.

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