Finding a Teacher

When you start to choose or find a dim mak martial arts pressure points teacher or master, it may surprise you to know that less than ONE in 10 instructors today has the authentic knowledge to teach the art and science of pressure points.

dim mak front kick

Grandmaster Pier Tsui-Po with dim mak front kick on pressure point Spleen 21.

This is a very generous estimate. More accurately, our reserach shows that today more than 90% of martial arts instructors still do not know authentic pressure points.

Consequently there are many inaccuracies, errors, contradictions and misleading statements or even downright blatant lies that are being made on pressure points in a number of seminars, books, magazines and websites. These errors are very serious, they are dangerous, and incorrect application will put you at risk.

Do not be tricked into learning from someone without genuine training in pressure points, who has invented some silly techniques and theories about pressure points or the death touch. They are giving you incorrect information on the theory and application of pressure points.

Genuine teachers are almost impossible to find today because authentic dim mak secrets has been passed down from generation to generation only to close family members and the most trusted students.

Here is just one example.

You would have read or heard many teachers and authors say that dim mak or pressure points are acupuncture points. Well, they are not all acupuncture points. So let me correct this very simple mistake that others make.

The fact is this:

Acupuncture is not dim mak.

Dim Mak is not acupuncture.

The truth is:

The principles of traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are used to explain everything about dim mal or pressure points.

Why are there so few genuine dim mak pressure points teachers around?

To be a qualified pressure points instructor requires lengthy study and training under the supervision of an authentic dim mak –teacher. Ideally the main head instructor should also have professional qualifications in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Why is that so important?

This is very important because the basis of selecting pressure points in self defence is based on Chinese martial arts principles and the ancient Chinese medical theories used in Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese healing arts.

Therefore, it can be said that dim mak is more sophisticated and more effective than popular pressure point fighting techniques. Dim mak techniques are not commonly found in ordinary martial arts training.

In the past, pressure point masters were also professional doctors who used acupuncture and Chinese herbs to heal the sick and injured. These martial arts masters were often required to heal themselves and their students from injuries from hard training and real combat. These masters also created special exercises and natural remedies based on their extensive knowledge to preserve their health and longevity.

Not only were these doctors fully versed in Chinese medicine, they were martial arts experts who used their Chinese medical skills in the martial arts to adversely affect the human body with pressure points. These masters were few in numbers and were highly sought after. Today in our modern society, this has not changed.

If you truly wish to learn authentic dim mak pressure points secrets that have been handed down behind closed doors to only the most trusted and skilled practitioners from generation to generation, you must choose carefully.

For your own safety and benefit, take advantage of our time-tested experience and proven knowledge.We sincerely believe you will learn secrets that you will not find anywhere else. We have compiled all our knowledge into comprehensive products that EVERY martial arts student or teacher — new and advanced — can use successfully.

Can you still benefit if you are trained in another type of martial arts?

The answer is YES. You will not find all of these ancient deadly dim mak techniques and strategies in your style of martial arts. And unless your teacher has also received authentic dim mak instruction, then you risk learning unsafe techniques that may not work in today’s society.

Mastery of pressure points cannot be defined by mere physical technique alone; it is an art and a science that epitomise Chinese culture, philosophy and medicine.

We teach students how to go beyond just physical skill. We teach how to safely engage in a series of deadly defence techniques that are performed with a commitment to perfection that goes beyond the limits of martial arts.

You can pursue your martial arts into its higher spiritual realms. You can learn specialised information that is not revealed by anyone else. This includes which specific pressure points to use, when and how to use them, and why they give the results they do.

And you can easily integrate your new pressure points skills with your current knowledge of martial arts. If you do not train in any specific style, you are welcome to use our dim mak system for your personal advancement and training.

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