Kung Fu Wushu 2016 Victorian State Championships

Kung Fu Wushu 2016 Victorian State Championships was held on Sunday the 31st of July, the Golden Lion Academy had 11 kung fu members compete in these. Together we won 13 first places, 4 second places and 1 third place.

Kung Fu Wushu 2016 Victorian State ChampionshipsA bow towards the judges, about a minute of intense movement as the routine was performed, another bow towards the judges, the anticipation as the scores were delivered, a final bow and then it was the next competitor’s turn. With time restrictions to keep within for each form, the day passed quickly, each competitor completed their routine with strength and agility.

It was really great to see a lot of kids competing, and not just from Golden Lion, the hall was filled with younger competitors who easily outnumbered the adult competitors. We had 6 students from the children’s class who participated in both barehand and long weapon forms, earning 8 of our 18 medals. It’s good to see not only the more experienced practitioners competing but also the younger generation, stepping up and performing to their best ability.

It was a great learning experience to observe the higher level competitors. It takes a great deal of training, not just learning the competition forms, but also years of building strength, flexibility and focus to be able to perform at their level.  Watching the younger students has given me more determination and motivation in my own training.

Rosemary Hermans Australian Kung Fu Wushu Championships 2016Earlier in May this year, Rosemary Hermans travelled to Western Australia and competed in the National championships.  Rosemary won gold in both her Barehands and Southern Broadsword events.  Rosemary continues to show her enthusiasm to compete and with the mindset of “wherever the competition, will travel” unless physically incapacitated.  It was unfortunate though she was not able to compete in the July Victorian State championship due to recent back surgery from which she is recovering and has now started back at training.  That’s dedication and commitment!


Natasha Chen