Healing Art

In dim mak‘s ancient China, the healing arts and the martial arts went hand in hand. Then martial arts was practised more for survival and less as a recreation, although its benefits in maintaining health was always given full recognition.

dim mak healingInjuries, both minor and serious, resulting from life or death confrontations or from practice sessions were common place. It is clear that anyone who did not understand how to treat injuries and prevent illness were not going to get very far as a martial artist.

The old masters were also adept in the arts of nutrition, devising diets that would enhance the health and performance of their students. Training was often rigorous, everyday, and up to 8 hours a day, and only those in the very best condition of health could keep up with the relentless pace of training.

It is easy to see why superior skills in the healing arts would often translate into victory in the combat arena and the success of a school. Hence these secrets were just as closely guarded as their combat techniques. Even today, where competitive sports is concerned, little has changed. For example, professional football clubs boast of their superior team of physiotherapists, dietitians and medical experts.

Increase internal power and boost your immune system

This is a practical course where you learn a special version of The Eight Brocades, an ancient Chi cultivation technique that help heal the body, prevent illness and boost your immune system while activating special pressure points. These exercises have been practised for over 1,000 years by Chinese martial arts practitioners.

Keep in mind that this Eight Brocade system as taught by Dim Mak World Golden Lion Academy is focused on self healing, loosening muscles and sinews and building internal strength in order to increase your longevity, build internal power and boot your immune system.

The exercises move Chi and blood throughout the 14 main meridians so you learn how to effectively move Chi through these meridians; and you learn the special techniques that activate these healing points. It is necesssary to learn how these vital points work, where they are on the body and how to activate their healing potential.

Once you’ve learnt this module, you’ll confidently be able to continue practising the techniques at home, everyday if you wish. And you’ll also be able to teach it to your family and friends to help them improve their health.

Another self healing technique you can do at home is our Dao Yin Chi Kung programme.

Resuscitation techniques and pressure point healing for injuries

This course teaches powerful healing techniques for injuries or illness occurred as a result of combat, sporting activities or during everyday living. You learn secret martial arts resuscitation techniques that you can use to help injured students or colleagues; you learn specific pressure points and techniques that heal injuries and illness.

Keep in mind that many ancient books on dim mak pressure points, including Shaolin Monastery’s manuals, offered a vast array of herbal remedies for dim mak strikes. They also included specific herbs and acupuncture treatment to be used when hit on specific pressure points.

If you do not recover quickly from injuries, if you are worried about being injured on a pressure point, or if you are unsure about what to do if one of your students or friends become injured or feels unwell in class, then you should think about learning dim mak healing. It is ideal for instructors, senior students and beginners.