Tai Chi 80 Year Old Student John Budd – Ode to John of Golden Lion

Tai Chi 80 Year Old Student John Budd celebrated his birthday recently, SiJie Liz Simpson wrote a Poem as an “Ode to John”

Ode to John

Tai Chi 80 Year Old Student John Budd - Ode to JohnToday’s a special day

For our tai chi mate, John,

Who in May 1936

Was delivered as a Pomme.


Up north from Old Blighty

He chose to move because

It was always cold, wet and windy

So he decided to come to Ozz.


Yes, he made his way to Melbourne

Where the sun always shines.

Beautiful one day and perfect the next…

He should have read between the lines!


But our John always sees the bright side

And loves to have a chat,

A bit about tai chi or life in general,

A bit of this….. and much of that!


He’s become an icon at Golden Lion,

Patient, determined yet still humble.

Completes his moves to perfection

And low sweeps?… just a wee grumble!


We all admire his courage

He’s never one to complain

Does his stretches with barely a wince

Despite dodgy shoulder pain!


He has a gentle, caring nature,

A true gentleman in every way.

We love and appreciate

His presence every day.


And now it’s time to celebrate

Eight decades of life and loads of fun.

Happy Birthday to our mate, John

Hip hooray… eighty years young.


Si Jie Liz Simpson