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Chinese Medicine

Dr. Pier Tsui-Po, registered Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Over 26 years experience treating pain, infertility, stress, anxiety, digestion and general health problems.

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Tai Chi

Reduce stress, anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, flexibility and core strength. Heal your body, prevent illness and increase longevity. An ancient form of relaxation and meditation.

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Kung Fu

Learn self defence, improve fitness, discipline, confidence and co-ordination. Become motivated. Improve focus and inner strength. Learn the skills necessary to succeed in life.

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Dim Mak

The secret art of pressure point fighting for self defence. Gain skills that may save your life. Taught by the Dai Sifu, Dr Pier Tsui-Po. Over 52 years of personal experience being passed on.

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Founded in Melbourne in 1971, the Golden Lion Academy is the leading school of Chinese martial arts and healing dedicated to improving your health, fitness and vitality. With our long experience and extensive knowledge, safety and quality are assured and you'll learn to a higher standard with the unique methods we have refined over the past 43 years. You too can benefit.

The Academy offers you a variety of therapeutic mind-body exercises through our Tai Chi, Dao Yin, Chi Kung, Kung Fu and Dim Mak Pressure Points classes while we monitor your progress individually. Our programmes are designed specifically for children, teenagers and adults, male and female. Together, an Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine clinic is offered.

Regarding mind and emotions, you'll improve mental focus and strength; your memory and concentration will improve; you'll reduce stress and anxiety and have calmness of mind. Improved confidence, discipline and courage are part of the benefits you'll receive with our classes, which emphasize the traditional values that are important in shaping personal character.

On the physical level, your balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina will improve while you learn to defend yourself. You'll no longer be bullied.

Our classes are taught by highly qualified Masters with extensive experience in their field and assisted by specially trained instructors. The Masters and instructors are accredited and recognised coaches of the Australian Government's National coaching accreditation scheme (NCAS), the Australian Sports Commission and have Child protection working-with-children endorsement. Our senior masters are China-endorsed teachers.

Training in small groups allow a nurturing, personal approach to teaching and learning. With our proven method and teaching traditional values such as respect, tolerance, humility, dignity and honesty, you will be taught in a caring and supportive environment with an emphasis based on a non-violent approach.

We invite you to come along and join us. 

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Brothers Dr Pier, Charles and Richard TSUI-PO

PCR Group Pty Ltd trading as Golden Lion Academy. ABN 33 055 959 601

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