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Yours Now: The Secrets Behind the Art

Welcome to the Golden Lion Academy store. You can now learn the techniques we have taught to our students in Melbourne Australia for nearly 45 years.

In all our books, eBooks and DVDs, you’ll find authentic, accurate, high quality information that is presented to you in a clear and precise manner, with important application and complex theories explained in a simple and direct way, making it easy for you to understand, apply and remember.

Whether you wish to improve your Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Dim Mak or General Health, Mastery of  pressure points used in the martial arts cannot be defined by mere physical technique alone; it is an art and a science that epitomise Chinese culture, philosophy and medicine.  With our books:

• You’ll go beyond just physical skill. You’ll learn how to safely engage in a series of deadly defence techniques that are performed with a commitment to perfection that goes beyond the limits of ordinary martial arts. You’ll pursue your martial arts into its higher spiritual realms.

• You’ll learn specialised information that is not revealed by anyone else. This includes which specific pressure points to use, when and how to use them, and why they give the results they do.

• And you’ll easily integrate your new wisdom with your current knowledge of martial arts.  If you do not train in any specific style, you are welcome to use our courses for your personal advancement and training.

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