Internal Martial Arts Nei Gung Kung Fu Training: Breathing Meditation Training Manual


Nei Gung, Internal Martial Arts Training in Kung Fu is a breathing and meditation form that is taught and explained by Grand Master Richard Tsui-Po.  It is available in eBook or as a spiral-bound training manual. It is a classical kung fu routine that trains the mind to strengthen the body, improve health and regulate the flow of Chi Life force energy throughout the body’s meridians. The various breathing exercises and slow resisting motions of this form also exercise the internal organs and strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments. See more information below.



This internal martial arts breathing and meditation form used in kung fu includes isometric resistance training. The techniques are harmoniously linked together so there is constant dynamic tension placed on the body in order to strengthen it. The slow movements allow you to meditate in movement while you develop an acute sense of balance and become more aware of every part of your body.

The structure of this form combines all the beneficial aspects of special martial arts breathing, meditation and activating various meridians and healing points on the body. It cultivates internal strength, builds physical power and stamina, and help to improve your health and longevity.

The Iron Wire Breathing and Meditation Form allows you to practice the three key internal combinations. They are the heart and mind, the mind and breath (Chi) and the breath with power / force. All these three combinations are set into action during this type of training in order to achieve superior level of health benefits .

Regular practice of this form with the correct breathing sounds will develop Chi to the extent that the body becomes as hard as iron while maintaining the suppleness of soft cotton.

The Nei Gung Internal Kung Fu Training Breathing Meditation Form taught in this spiral-bound instructional book is ideal for beginners who wish to improve their health the natural way; by using the ancient, timeless and well-proven benefits of internal kung fu training. Anyone can commence to build their health with this form, it provides you with a solid foundation of the essential principles necessary for you if you wish to progress to other higher level breathing and meditation forms.

This traditional kung fu exercise incorporate special breathing techniques and meditation, they give additional benefits such as decreasing stress, relieving anxiety and depression, decreasing pain and insomnia, and increasing the quality of life. Memory is improved, attention and focus is enhanced and emotions are regulated. Get your copy now.

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