Tai Chi Sword Yang 32 Form Training Manual


Tai Chi Straight Sword 32 Form training manual teaches you the most popular set of Yang Style sword techniques in a spiral-bound workbook. It contains a very detailed step-by-step photo guide to the Yang 32 sword form. You can now learn this sword form too. See more information below.

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The straight, narrow-bladed, double-edged Tai Chi Sword, or Jian, was originally a genuine battle weapon.  Because of its subtle and precise nature, not requiring great strength to wield, it was traditionally seen as being appropriate for women and scholars to use.

When Tai Chi was taken up by the aristocracy of China as a health promoting exercise, the use of the sword was refined into the elegant and graceful forms we see today, and is now often referred to as the ‘Gentleman of Weapons’.  Movements are light and nimble and the flexible blade is used to deflect and re-direct blows.  The sword becomes as an extension of the arm and the agile wrist movements become almost like painting calligraphy.

Included in this tai chi sword training manual are:

  • Detailed written instructions complete with almost 200 photographs of Master Charles Tsui-Po demonstrating each of the individual movements of the 32 Sword Form
  • Diagrams of the grip techniques essential for the successful performance of the Tai Chi Straight Sword
  • Each technique is taught and shown in an easy-to-learn way
  • The philosophy and fundamentals of tai chi
  • The Taoist concept of Yin and Yang
  • The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to Chi energy
  • Hints for improving fitness, flexibility and training

Each technique has been broken down much more to make it easier to follow and understand the sequence of the movement. We are sure you’ll enjoy the Yang 32 Sword. You’ll find this new training manual invaluable in helping you learn this most enjoyable routine and gain the health benefits through regular practice at home.

Tai Chi Sword in 32 Forms  (Yang 32 Techniques)

Below is a list of the 32 forms (techniques) you will learn. They are taught in four sections to help you learn the routine.

Opening Movement

  1. Point Sword With Feet Together
  2. Stand On One Leg And Thrust
  3. Sweep Sword In Crouch Step
  4. Carry Sword To The Right
  5. Carry Sword To The Left
  6. Stand On One Leg And Cut With Arm-Swing
  7. Step Back And Withdraw Sword
  8. Stand On One Leg And Thrust
  9. Plunge Sword Downward In Empty Stance
  10. Thrust In Left Bow Stance
  11. Turn Round And Carry Sword
  12. Retreat And Carry Sword
  13. Lift Knee And Hold Sword With Both Hands
  14. Hop And Thrust
  15. Swing Up Sword In Left Empty Stance
  16. Swing Up Sword In Right Bow Stance
  17. Turn Round And Withdraw Sword
  18. Thrust With Feet Together
  19. Parry In Left Bow Stance
  20. Parry In Right Bow Stance
  21. Parry In Left Bow Stance
  22. Step Forward And Plunge Backward
  23. Turn Round To Cut
  24. Point Sword In Right Empty Stance
  25. Stand On One Leg And Hold Sword Level
  26. Cut In Bow Stance
  27. Cut With Arm-Swing In Empty Stance
  28. Step Back To Strike
  29. Step Forward To Thrust
  30. Withdraw Sword In T-Step
  31. Circle Sword Horizontally
  32. Thrust Forward In Bow Stance

Closing Form

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