Tai Chi Sword International Combined 42 Form Manual


This is the International Straight Sword Competition Routine in 42 Forms. The form teaches a combination of the elements of the five major styles of Taijiquan: Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Wu Yuxiang Style and Sun Style — all in one routine. Presented in a spiral-bound manual, it contains detailed step by step photo guide to this sword form. See more information below.

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Following the creation of the 42-Step International Combined Bare-hands Routine, the Chinese Martial Arts Research Institute organised a panel of experts to create a Tai Chi Sword International Competition Routine. This was completed in 1991 as the 42-Step Taijijian Routine (taijijian being the modern Pinyin way of writing the name of this routine). This international Combined 42-Step Sword Form incorporates elements of Yang-style, Wu-style, Chen-style and other styles of taiji sword as well as Wudang Taiji Sword.

A leading member of this panel of experts was Professor Kan Gui Xiang of the Beijing University of Physical Education, one of China’s most respected Chen-style teachers. Si Gung Charles Tsui-Po and Sifu Di Logan studied the 42-Step Taijijian Routine directly under Professor Kan shortly after it was first published.

Sifu Di took part in a demonstration event of this routine at the World Wushu Championships in Rome, 1997. Since then, a number of Golden Lion students have competed with this routine at both national and international levels, and achieved wide acclaim for their performances.

Included in this workbook are:

  • The history and significance of the Jian, Chinese Straight Sword
  • The history of the 42-Step tai chi Sword Routine
  • The parts of the Straight Sword
  • The techniques essential for successful application of the Straight Sword
  • Detailed written instructions complete with 150 photographs of Sifu Di Logan demonstrating each of the individual movements of the 42 Sword Form
  • Each technique is taught and shown in an easy-to-learn way.

Tai Chi Sword in 42 Forms (42 Techniques)

International Combined 42 Straight Sword Form Workbook

Below is a list of the 42 forms (techniques) you will learn in this International Combined 42 Sword Form Workbook. It is taught in four sections to help you learn it.

  1. Commencing Form
  2. Stand With The Feet Together And Point The Sword
  3. Bow Stance And Cut With The Sword
  4. Lift The Knee And Chop With The Sword
  5. Left Bow Stance And Parry
  6. Left Empty Stance And Slice Upward
  7. Right Bow Stance And Slice Upward
  8. Lift The Knee And Hold The Sword
  9. Kick And Stab Forward
  10. Jump Step And Stab With A Flat Sword
  11. Turn The Body And Stab Downward
  12. Bow Stance And Chop With Flat Sword
  13. Bow Stance And Snap The Sword
  14. Press Sword Down In Resting Step
  15. Step In And Circle To Entwine With The Sword
  16. Lift The Knee And Stab Upward
  17. Empty Stance And Intercept Downward
  18. Draw With The Flat Sword Left And Right
  19. Bow Stance And Chop With The Sword
  20. T-Stance And Lift The Sword
  21. Stand On One Leg & Hack Down To Right
  22. Section 3 22. Crouch Stance And Thread The Sword
  23. Kick And Block Up With The Sword
  24. Lift The Knee And Point The Sword
  25. Crouch Stance And Sweep To The Side
  26. Bow Stance And Intercept Downward
  27. Bow Stance And Stab Downward
  28. Smear The Clouds Left And Right
  29. Bow Stance And Reverse Chop With The Sword
  30. Lift The Leg Behind And Parry Up With The Sword
  31. T-Stance And Point The Sword
  32. Withdraw Sword To Thrust Hilt In Horse Stance
  33. Stand On One Foot And Lift Up
  34. Forward Step, Hook And Point
  35. Resting Stance And Snap The Sword
  36. Bow Stance And Reverse Stab
  37. Turn & Thrust Sword Downward
  38. Lift The Knee And The Sword
  39. Walking Step And Thread The Sword
  40. Swing Out The Leg And Block Up The Sword
  41. Bow Stance And Stab Straight
  42. Closing Form

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