Kung Fu Foundation Techniques Exercises on DVD


This DVD teaches you the essential techniques and exercises you need to know to enjoy the benefits of Chinese martial arts. You’ll learn the 16-steps bare hands form and the 16-steps cudgel weapon form. These forms create the basis for a solid foundation into your kung fu journey. Both forms are easy to learn. You’ll learn the essential combinations of Southern style kung fu skills such as stances, footwork, blocking, striking, cudgel techniques and self defence applications of the forms. See more information below.


The 16-steps bare hands form is largely linear in movement, it emphasises the transition between the three main stances- the cat, horse and dragon stance. It teaches a range of important  basic strikes such as the vertical fist, horizontal punch, vertical and inverted palms. The concept of the 16-steps bare hands form is based on a special rhythm to help you learn the beginning strategy for self defence and counter attacks.

The 16-steps cudgel weapon form focuses on the importance of poise and precision in stances and the delivery of strikes with the cudgel. This form introduces the yin and yang combination method of applying force, for example, combining “hard” (such as the downward strike) and “soft” (such as the leg block on crane stance) techniques into a series of fluid movements.

The Foundations of Kung Fu DVD allows you to have regular practice of the 16-steps bare hands and cudgel forms. They will improve your leg strength, balance, speed, power and coordination. Your fitness level will increase as you practice the essential instincts of Shaolin’s five animals- the tiger, crane, leopard, snake and dragon.

Performed by Master Richard Tsui-Po and Master Steeve Kiat, this DVD also provides slow motion demonstrations of the techniques plus a break-down of the movements step-by-step. It does not contain verbal instruction as it is intended that you centre your attention on the movements.

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