Womens Self Defence Seminar

Fighting Back Fear and Violence

Self Defence Personal Protection Workshop

for Girls and Women

kung fu self defence

Saturday 29 October 2016 1:30-4:30pm

Venue: Golden Lion Rowville

Cost: $85

Fighting back fear and violence is a hands-on specialised street self-defence workshop for girls and women.  In this workshop Sifu Craig Rayner, 5th Degree Gold Belt Master, with over 27 years of Kung Fu experience, will teach you the important principles and techniques on how to keep yourself safe at home and in the street.

Crime statistics Victoria figures show offences state wide surged 12.4 per cent in the year to March compared with the previous 12 months. It’s the biggest percentage increase in the10 years since figures have been analysed. We suspect that in the coming years, that number will rise so it is important for you to learn how to defend yourself.

In this special workshop, you’ll learn how to defend yourself if you are faced with a violent confrontation. You’ll learn:

  • Effective self-defence techniques against holds, grabs and strikes
  • How and where on the body you should strike for maximum results
  • Special pressure points and vital areas to target when defending yourself
  • Evasive footwork and special body positioning
  • Correct deflection and blocking techniques that work in the street
  • Various striking methods including how to use the palm, elbows and knees

This workshop is suitable to all women and girls (over the age of 13). Martial arts, Kung Fu or Tai Chi experience is not necessary.

Parents and friends of Golden Lion Academy members are most welcome to attend this workshop. Non-members should arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete an enrolment form to participate. Alternatively, the form can be completed before the workshop (please ask your Sifu for an enrolment form).

Reserve your place today, limited numbers!

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