How to use “Qi” in Tai Chi – 25th February 2017

Do you ever wonder how to use “Qi” in your Tai Chi Routines. Master Charles will explain to you the theoretical and the physical understanding on how to harness the Qi and then how to best use to improve your movements and how it can also improve your health.  Understanding the theoretical and the practical uses of Qi techniques is essential to understanding the purposes of tai chi movements. Your tai chi will be greatly enhanced by your deeper understanding on how to use Qi. Master Charles will go through in detail to explain the depth and inner meaning of Qi.  You will be working towards the ultimate purpose of how to cultivate your Qi most effectively and with feeling.

In this workshop we will cover:
• What is Qi from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine
• Understand the meaning of Qi
• How to achieve the ultimate purpose
• Awareness of where Qi is to be expressed
• How Qi can make intention, focussed awareness, expression of “spirit”
• How Qi will harmonise your tai chi movements (coordination of arms, legs & waist), and with spirit

Part of the workshop, we’ll be focusing on building your internal Qi with practical and effective techniques. It is also extremely important to learn how the mind has a significant role in directing the Qi to the focus point. Understanding how Qi can be used in all three facets of your Tai Chi: Push Hands, Martial Applications and Routines (Barehand and Weapons)


When: Saturday 25 February 2017, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm (3 Hours)
Where: 2 Laser Drive, Rowville
Cost: $95.00 ($125.00 after 23 Feb 2017)


*Booking is essential*

**Suitable for all levels of experience from Beginners to Advanced.**

– No refund on Non attendance –