The Two Dragons Of Dim Mak: pressure point techniques for healing and martial arts

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Details for the first time, how some Dim Mak pressure points have two aspects – one for healing, one for attack. It reveals how dim mak pressure points used in martial arts can also heal illness and save lives, including a whole section on healing plus remedies that can relieve a number of ailments. It contains a valuable healing index for easy reference. A book you will use for the next 20 years …or more! See more information below.

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The Two Dragons of Dim Mak: pressure point techniques for healing and self defence is a unique and rare textbook that reveals how dim mak pressure points used in the martial arts can also heal illness and save lives.

This is the first book to offer an insight into authentic Shaolin dim mak pressure points that are used for both martial arts and healing.

Dr Pier Tsui-Po’s book specifically focuses on revealing the authentic secrets, clearly and precisely, how and why dim mak pressure points work. A leading authority on authentic dim mak pressure points, Grandmaster Dr Pier Tsui-Po says ‘Your martial arts will lack impact, meaning and focus if you do not include pressure points in your training.’ He also says that ‘there are many misconceptions about pressure points and martial arts practitioners need to learn the truth.’ The Two Dragons of Dim Mak is the first to address these problems and offer authentic information.

The Two Dragons of Dim Mak reveals:

  • The most powerful points used in self-defence and healing
  • When and how to use these points in self-defence
  • When and how to use these points for healing
  • Why these points work so well in both self-defence and healing
  • How to quickly and easily find the exact location of these points on the body
  • Techniques to be used by practitioners of martial arts such as Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and others
  • ….And much more!

This book also contains a valuable index for easy reference as well as a whole section on healing. The remedies for self-healing section gives a catalogue of points, massage and acupressure techniques that can relieve a number of ailments.

Dr Pier Tsui-Po is a leading authority on authentic Dim Mak Pressure Points for self defence and healing. A unique, humble and eminent teacher, he is a much respected and widely consulted authority. He reveals to you clearly and precisely, how and why dim mak pressure points work. With 46 years of experience in Chinese martial and healing arts, his total knowledge of Dim Mak, martial arts, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is unequalled. He is regarded by students and teachers as “The Real McCoy”. His instructor reference manual The art & science of deadly pressure point fighting is coined the “Bible of Dim Mak”.

Secrets disclosed in this book by Dr Pier Tsui-Po are not available in any other text on Dim Mak pressure points. Discover one of the most hidden secrets of all time – The Two Dragons of Dim Mak.

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3 reviews for The Two Dragons Of Dim Mak: pressure point techniques for healing and martial arts

  1. Tom Folliard, USA

    “Your book the two dragons of dim mak was both instructive and entertaining, it is by far the best book to date in my view on dim mak to the present date.”

  2. Mark S. Gridley, President/Founder, Life Protection Arts and Sciences

    I recently ordered and read your book Two Dragons. Thank you for the wonderful and insightful information. You have answered in depth many of my questions which others have only briefly discussed or dismissed. I have recently joined Dim Mak World as a member and ordered another copy or your book “Two Dragons” as a gift for one of my teachers. I have also ordered your manual and centerline video. If I find these materials as exciting and informative as your book, I am planning to enroll in your Ghost Hands course the start of the coming year. I have been a martial artist (I currently hold 4 black belt ranks in various arts and instructor certification in 2), Professional Self Defense/Police Defensive Tactics Instructor, Army Medic and Professional Nurse for over 14 years. During this time I’ve come across much information on pressure point theory… not all was of great value (in truth some was not of any value or even worse…just dangerous).

    •That which I learned of value is even more valuable thanks to the understanding and affirmation I’ve gained from your book. It has been said that “the best book on any subject is the second book you read on it” -unknown. I have read several books and yours has put it all together for me. What I found especially helpful was the importance you placed on the cultural way of thinking and explanation of traditional Chinese medicine. Putting aside much of my western thinking and schooling I was able to digest the materials much easier. Perhaps that was one of my problems during my earlier studies (as well as inexperience). Thank you again for your help and guidance. I am looking forward to learning so much more to share with others. Best regards and health.

  3. George Howes

    “Dear Grandmaster, regarding Two Dragons of Dim Mak. If I tell you that when I look at the book, when I hold the book, I feel nothing but positive Chi, you will understand that I feel this book is something very special. After taking up Qigong to fight a bad prognosis I am at 65 preparing to teach Qigong and try to help people with health problems such as my own. I have sought and been given help from two wonderful masters and I now (through this book given to me by my Son for a Christmas gift) have access to such clarity of illustration and communication from you, another great Master, so thank you for writing the book, it holds a special place amongst the others in my collection, and will be read and re-read many times. Thank you.”

    George Howes

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