Tai Chi Yang Style 40 Bare Hands Form Training Manual


This Bare Hands Yang Style 40 competition routine was developed in 1991 by the Chinese Wushu Association of China. They drew together leading professors and masters to develop a competition routine for each style of tai chi. Presented in a spiral-bound text book, it gives a very detailed step-by-step photo guide to teach you the Yang style routine. See more information below.

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The Yang Style of tai chi was developed by Yang Lu Chan in the 1800’s and was further developed by the following Yang generations.  It is now the most popular form of Tai Chi practised throughout the world.

This tai chi yang 40 bare hands form workbook teaches you to achieve the soft, graceful, rounded and flowing movements that ooze peace and tranquillity.  The movements are timed with the breathing and should be performed at a slow, even pace, like the continuous flow of water in a river.  It is known as ‘large frame’ for its upright, expansive postures that maintain body alignment.  The moves can be practised at a low, medium or high height, depending on the ability of the practitioner and whilst the art is known to be healthy it is also martial at the same time.

By the late 1980’s with the rapid growth in popularity of Tai Chi there was an urgent need to develop competitive routines that focused on each of the four major styles of Tai Chi Quan. The Chinese Wushu Association of China drew together leading professors and masters of each style to develop a competition routine for each style. In 1991 the Yang 40 competition routine was developed. It was based purely on the Yang Tai Chi style.

Included in this training manual are: 

  • A history of Yang Style
  •  The development of standardised routines
  •  Characteristics of traditional Yang Style of tai chi
  •  Stances and footwork in the Yang 40 techniques
  •  Detailed written instructions complete with over 200 photographs of Sifu Di Logan demonstrating each of the individual movements of the Yang 40 Form.

Tai Chi Yang Style 40 Bare Hands Form Training Manual : Routine in 40 Forms (40 techniques)

Below is a list of the 40 forms or techniques you will learn. It is taught in separate sections to help you learn faster.

  • Commencing Form
  • Grasp The Peacock’s Tail
  • Single Whip
  • Raise Hands And Step Up
  • The White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  • Brush Knee And Twist Step
  • Hand Strums The Lute
  • Parry And Punch
  • Apparent Close-Up
  • Oblique Flying
  • Punch Under Elbow
  • Step Back And Whirl Arms
  • Work At Shuttle On Both Sides
  • Part The Horse’s Mane On Both Sides
  • Wave Hands Like Clouds
  • Single Whip
  • Pat High On The Horse
  • Kick With The Right Heel
  • Strike Opponent’s Ears With Both Fists
  • Separate With Left Foot
  • Turn With Body And Kick With Heel
  • Needle At The Bottom Of The Sea
  • Push Through The Back
  • White Snake Spits Its Tongue
  • Slap Right Foot
  • Tame Tiger On Both Sides
  • Push Down – Right Style
  • Stand On One Leg – On Both Sides
  • Strike Groin With Fist
  • Grasp The Peacock’s Tail
  • Single Whip
  • Push Down – Left Side
  • Step Forward With Seven-Star
  • Step Backward And Straddle Tiger
  • Turn Body And Lotus Kick
  • Curved Bow Shoots Tiger
  • Parry And Punch
  • Apparent Close-Up
  • Cross Hands
  • Closing Form

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