Tai Chi For Beginners 24 Form Training Manual


This Yang style form is the most suitable for beginners, it is very popular all over the world. It improves balance, co-ordination, relaxation, natural strength and wellness. Taught through a spiral-bound training manual, it gives a detailed step-by-step photo guide to the 24 form. It is the Yang-style Form that you can see practised regularly in parks and city squares, not only within China, but also throughout the world. See more information below.

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This Simplified Tai Chi or Taijiquan 24 Form was created in 1956 by the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission of the People’s Republic of China. It is based on the Yang Family style of Tai Chi. Today it is the most popular form practised throughout the world. It is the form which is the most suitable tai chi for beginners programme to build health and wellbeing.

This spiral-bound training manual gives detailed and accurate explanation of all the techniques with a step-by-step photo guide of the movements. The tai chi for beginners Simplified 24 Taijiquan Form is a short form and it is the easiest form to learn by students of various ages and physical conditions, from adults to the elderly. It provides a solid introduction to the basic techniques of the Yang style of Tai Chi.

When practised properly, the short form not only exemplifies grace and beauty but gives all the health benefits of Tai Chi practice such as improved balance to prevent falls, co-ordination, relaxation, natural strength and overall wellness. For these reasons, this Simplified 24 Taijiquan Form is widely taught at the Golden Lion Academy as a gentle mind and body exercise programme and has become very popular all over the world.

This is the Yang-style Form that you can see practised regularly in parks and city squares, not only within China, but also throughout the world. Master Charles Tsui-Po offers you a complete and comprehensive workbook comprising detailed and accurate explanations of all the essential techniques, which will enable you to gain a thorough understanding of the Beijing 24 Form.

Included in this training manual are:

  • Detailed written instructions complete with almost 200 photographs of Master Charles Tsui-Po demonstrating each of the individual movements of the Beijing 24 Form
  • Each technique is taught and shown in an easy-to-earn way
  • Diagrams of the 8 stances and 3 hand techniques essential for the successful performance of Yang-style
  • The philosophy and fundamentals of tai chi
  • The Taoist concept of Yin and Yang
  • The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to Chi energy
  • Hints for improving fitness, flexibility and training.

Tai Chi for Beginners in 24 Forms (24 Techniques)

Below are the 24 forms (techniques) you will learn. It is taught in four sections to help you learn the routine.

  1. Opening Form
  2. Part The Wild Horse’s Mane
  3. The White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  4. Brush Knee & Push
  5. Play Guitar
  6. Step Back & Whirl Arms (Repulse The Monkey)
  7. Stroke The Peacock’s Tail Left Side
  8. Stroke The Peacock’s Tail Right Side
  9. Single Whip
  10. Wave Hands Like Clouds
  11. Single Whip
  12. High Pat On Horse
  13. Right Heel Kick
  14. Double Fists To The Ears
  15. Left Heel Kick
  16. Push Down And Stand On One Leg Left Side
  17. Push Down And Stand On One Leg Right Side
  18. Fair Lady At The Shuttles Right Side On Both Sides
  19. Golden Needle At The Sea Bottom
  20. Flash The Arm
  21. Turn, Parry and Punch
  22. Apparent Close-Up
  23. Cross Hands
  24. Closing Form

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