Tai Chi 42 Bare Hands International Form Training Manual


This is a tai chi combined styles bare hands routine in 42 forms. It teaches you the essential elements of the five major styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Wu Yuxiang Style and Sun Style — all in the one routine. Detailed step-by-step photo guide of the techniques are given. This form is also used in international competitions. See more information below.

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This Bare Hands International Combined Form, comprising 42 movements, was developed in China in the late 1980’s and complies with international wushu competition rules.  It requires technical accuracy, smooth, steady and continuous application of power whilst displaying high spirits.  Simultaneously, one should be calm and tranquil and keep mentally focussed.

In this combined styles form, you’ll learn aspects of the five major styles. The oldest is Chen Style, which is characterised by sinuous, powerful ‘silk-reeling’ movements and variations in pace from slow to explosive.  The second oldest, and most popular throughout the world, is Yang Style, which features rounded, smooth and expansive movements, performed at a constant, flowing pace. Wu Style is comfortable and upright and encourages internal focus. Wu Yuxiang Style features compactness, slow movement, strict footwork and places emphasis on distinguishing between substantialness and insubstantialness. The most recently developed is Sun Style, which is characterised by quick and dexterous advancing or retreating movements.

Although different in style and form, all Tai Chi routines require their practitioners to be tranquil, calm, relaxed, but mentally focused. In Tai Chi the spine is the pivot around which the body moves. Force and energy is generated from the spine and waist before reaching the legs and arms. The movements are executed slowly, continuously and softly, but firmness is implied in softness. Substantialness should be distinguished from insubstantialness. Practitioners are required to breathe regularly and smoothly.

Included in this text book are:

  • Introduction to the International 42 Competition Form
  • Detailed written instructions, complete with almost 200 photographs featuring Sifu Chris Everett demonstrating each of the individual movements of the International Combined 42 Form
  • Photographs in sequence for the entire tai chi 42 Form.

Tai Chi 42 Bare Hands International Form Training Manual (42 Techniques)

Below is a list of the 42 forms (techniques) you will learn:

  1. Commencing Form
  2. Grasp The Peacock’s Tail – Right Side
  3. Single Whip – Left Side
  4. Raise Hands
  5. The White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  6. Brush Knee & Twist Step On Both Sides
  7. Parry And Strike With Fist
  8. Deflect And Push On Both Sides
  9. Parry & Punch
  10. Apparent Close-Up
  11. Open & Close Hands
  12. Single Whip – Right Style
  13. Fist Under Elbow
  14. Turn And Push Palm On Both Sides
  15. Fair Lady Works The Shuttles On Both Sides
  16. Kick With Heel On Both Sides
  17. Cover Hands And Strike With Arm
  18. Part The Wild Horse’s Mane On Both Sides
  19. Wave Hands Like Clouds
  20. Step Backward And Beat The Tiger
  21. Separate Legs Right Style
  22. Strike Opponent’s Ears With Both Fists
  23. Separate Legs – Left Style
  24. Turn Body & Slap Foot
  25. Step Forward And Punch Down
  26. Oblique Flying
  27. Single Whip & Push Down
  28. Golden Cockerel Stands On One Leg (R & L)
  29. Step Backward & Thrust Palm
  30. Press Palm In Empty Step
  31. Hold Palm Up And Stand On One Leg
  32. Lean With Body In Horse-Riding Step
  33. Turn Body For Large Deflecting
  34. Hold & Punch In Resting Step
  35. Thread Palms And Push Down
  36. Step Forward With Seven-Star
  37. Mount Tiger & Stand On One Leg
  38. Turn Body With Lotus Kick
  39. Curved Bow Shoots Tiger
  40. Grasp The Peacock’s Tail – Left Style
  41. Cross Hands
  42. Closing Form of tai chi 42 routine.

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