The Centreline Theory of Dim Mak – Practical Fighting Strategies for Self Defence – on DVD

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Learn the most powerful pressure points of the Centreline, how to protect your Centreline from permanent injury, serious illness or death. Learn how to use the Counterflow technique, how to protect your Conception Vessel meridian, the special techniques and strategies used in the Centreline of dim mak. Contains clear explanations and demonstrations of techniques, location of the pressure points, how to find them quickly and easily, and how to strike them in self defence.
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Learn how to protect your Conception Vessel meridian from permanent injury, serious illness or even death; learn special techniques and strategies of the Centreline of dim mak; and learn the most powerful pressure points of the Centreline. Contains clear explanations and demonstrations of techniques, how to find the points and how to strike them.

The Centreline Theory is a special technique in authentic dim mak defence to target one of the most deadly meridians of the body, the Conception Vessel. It provides a destructive target for attack and a vital reference point in self defence.

Ancient Military Strategists taught that: “In order to destroy the enemy, destroy its centre”. They considered the Centreline as ‘a jewel worth protecting and a vulnerable target to attack’. Guan Yu, the military hero, used the theory of the Centreline to win many battles. The Sun Tzu Ping Fa also refers to this strategy.

In this DVD you’ll learn:

  • Why the Centreline Theory can cause death, permanent injury or serious illness;
  • The practical defence strategies of the Centreline;
  • The special techniques used to target the Centreline and its points;
  • Reasons why the Centreline is a major target;
  • The most powerful pressure points of the Centreline;
  • How to easily locate these points on the body;
  • Consequences of injury to these Dim Mak points;
  • How to use Dim Mak’s Counterflow Technique;
  • ……And much more!

Contents of The Centreline Theory

You’ll discover the following:

  • Flow of Chi life force energy of the Centreline
  • Anatomy of the Centreline
  • Vital organs at the Conception Vessel meridian
  • How Centreline affects the functions and structure of internal organs
  • The influence of Kidney and Stomach meridians on the Centreline
  • Functions of the Conception Vessel
  • Pressure Points of the Conception Vessel
  • Special Dim Mak pressure points used in the Centreline Theory
  • Consequences of injury to each these Dim Mak points
  • Pressure Points on the Conception Vessel that are not Conception Vessel points
  • How the Conception Vessel causes death, permanent injury or serious illness
  • The vital areas and organs that are controlled by the Centreline
  • Development of injury along the Centreline
  • Why Liver and Kidney organs and meridians are implicated
  • How women are affected by an injury to the Centreline
  • How to improve balance and stability using the Centreline
  • How to increase internal power using the Centreline
  • How to use the Centreline to off-balance your opponent
  • How to use the power generated by the Centreline
  • How to increase the power of your kicks, punches and blocks
  • How the Centreline improve health and wellbeing
  • When to use the Centreline in self defence
  • How a simple fighting stance protects the Centreline
  • How the Centreline changes as your opponent moves
  • Stepping methods that allow you to penetrate the Centreline
  • The three practical defence strategies
  • How to use the special techniques of the Centreline theory
  • The four reasons why the centerline is most important in martial arts
  • Techniques that are used in the Centreline Theory and how to use these techniques
  • How Dim Mak’s Counterflow Technique in used in the Centreline Theory
  • Special techniques that invoke the Counterflow principles
  • Consequences of injury when Counterflow theory is applied with Centreline theory
  • Special Counterflow pressure points that are used in the Centreline theory
  • How Chi ascends to attack the heart, which can cause death

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2 reviews for The Centreline Theory of Dim Mak – Practical Fighting Strategies for Self Defence – on DVD

  1. Richard Tabnik, USA

    I am writing to say that the information that I have received from you — and I realize this is just scratching the surface — it is so amazing that, even though I have only watched the first 12 minutes for the centreline theory of dim mak, I feel like a curtain has been lifted from the window of my mind and the sun has risen.

    In other words, I have learned more in only 12 minutes than I have known in my entire life! The information is presented clearly and concisely and is easy to understand!

    Onward… I’m at 21 minutes into it… the form demonstrated with the training dummy by Sifu Craig Rayner was amazing… and the explanations of the movement of the centreline are fascinating and very practical.

    At 32 minutes, this once-esoteric information is presented with clarity and without superstition!

    At 51 minutes, the demonstrations are clear, practical and devastating.

    The only way I can even begin to thank you for these wonderful treasures is to promise to study hard, train often, and to only use this in self defense! I am also looking forward to benefiting from the wonderful Dao Yin exercise.

    Thank you again! Sincerely,

  2. Gintaras Gircys, USA

    The Centerline DVD – well it made me a believer; the shown techniques are awesome and obviously require as much effort and work to master as any martial art technique. My only problem is my ignorance of Chinese body energy concepts, locations, and terms/etc. – I really have to study up on that to get more benefits from the DVD.

    You certainly are a master in this field as well as intelligent and knowledgeable about every aspect. But a higher compliment – you are also wise, a very rare trait nowadays.

    I have a lot to do and digest – will certainly be ordering some of your other products. Thanks.

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